Soulitude 7 was created by former global law firm Chief Marketing Officer, Lisa-Marie Sikand. Her focus is to guide individuals, teams and businesses, through a dynamic process of change and growth.

She believes that by encouraging people to live intentionally and harness their own innate wisdom, they can connect with themselves and those around them, to achieve their true potential.

The Meaning Behind Soulitude 7

Soulitude merges two important aspects for growth. Soul & attitude.

Your soul is the essence of you as a person. Your attitude is your own outlook on life.

7 is a significant number. It represents inner wisdom, completeness, luck and magic.

Lisa-Marie’s story

Lisa-Marie Sikand spent 15 years in the demanding professional services industry. Appointed to the C-Suite at just 33 years old, she led and directed strategy for a large international marketing and business development department, a member of the management team of a high profile global law firm.

She excelled in coaching and mentoring her team, and throughout her business life became known for her practical and intuitive advice, as well as her warm and personal nature.

Following a series of devastating and life-changing events, she decided to make a change.

She decided to do something she’d never done before. Put herself first.

For a year she explored a variety of wellness options including acupuncture, aromatherapy, coaching, energy healing, meditation, mindfulness, reiki, therapy and yoga.

Through her exploration she found a new, gratifying way to be. She became more self-connected, learnt the value of prioritising her needs and established tools and boundaries to enhance her wellbeing.

Today she’s most likely to be found walking, on her yoga mat (that she calls the “magic carpet”) or simply treasuring time with her loved ones.

Now she’s using her life experience and business expertise to help others cultivate a rewarding life as a coach. Her coaching accreditation is from an ICF accredited programme.

She can’t wait to help you ‘own it’ and find your own success.