One-on-one coaching with a focus on your personal and professional wellbeing.

You, realigned.

In a society where busyness equals success, it’s no wonder many people feel they are losing direction in both their personal and professional life.

Connect with your true self through one-on-one coaching with Soulitude 7.

The focus will be on what consumes your time right now. We will explore what you feel you’re lacking and what you want to gain.ramses book Your wellbeing coach will help you to uncover ways to live life with purpose.

Self-belief is powerful. You will unlock that power and start using it to create a life you cherish.

Book an hour or two to help you put a plan in place or book a series of life coaching sessions, if you have your sights set on a larger goal.

Move forward, achieve success, and live a life you value with Soulitude 7.

Book a coaching session now and start your journey to a rewarding life.

Why choose Soulitude 7?

Live a Fulfilling Life
Wellbeing coaching with Soulitude 7 focusses on you as an individual, guiding you to identify your unique needs and opportunities to live a fulfilling life.

Live a Happier Life
Learn to live mindfully and with intention by identifying the barriers that are holding you back and ways to unblock them.

Experience Success
Success looks different to everyone. Work with your coach to discover what it means to you, and how to achieve it.

Coaching with Lisa-Marie Sikand

Lisa-Marie is experienced at supporting individuals to find success and happiness, and lead a more fulfilling life. Her coaching accreditation is from an ICF accredited programme.

With a background spanning business management, the voluntary and professional services sector, including leading a large international marketing and business development team, she built an impressive track record coaching and mentoring individuals to achieve their own success.

Coupled with Lisa-Marie’s past achievements in coaching, strategy and business development, is her focus on complete wellbeing. Following her own personal journey, Lisa-Marie now helps her clients build a comprehensive and holistic personal plan to fulfilment.

Lisa-Marie is intuitive, curious and cares about making a difference. She will help you harness your own strength, prioritise your own needs and start living the life you want.

Her attention to detail is exceptional and on top of all that, she is a joy to work with on every level.

Richard Dale – Slick Productions

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Book a coaching session now and start your journey to a rewarding life.