Expert business development consultancy focussed on accelerating your professional development.

You, refocussed.

You know there’s the potential to grow your business but finding the direction and developing it in a way that is meaningful for you, is often challenging.

Soulitude 7 will work with you to understand your goals. Together we’ll agree a way forward.

We’ll review the strengths and weaknesses of your business and offer practical advice focussing on the right areas to meet your goals.ramses book This can include marketing, lead generation, sales and opportunity, leadership, business development and general business management advice and coaching.

A bespoke Soulitude7 strategic review typically includes:

• Strategic observations
• Objective setting
• A commercial plan to drive informed, sustainable growth
• Performance measurements to enable you to track your success
• Quick wins to get you on your way

You’ll receive an easy-to-understand and implementable commercial plan and can choose to supplement it with ongoing coaching or advice from your Soulitude 7 business coach.

A business will grow if the individuals at the heart of it are also focussed on their own version of success

Harness your business vision and find opportunities for your growth with a Soulitude 7 business coach.

Choose expert business management advice from Soulitude 7 and watch your business grow.

Why choose Soulitude 7?

Expert Business Advice
Soulitude 7 business coaches look closely at your strategy and coach and mentor you to achieve your goals.

Receive Practical Guidance
We deliver practical advice that you can implement easily and immediately. We’ll refine your strategy while focussing on actionable guidance that will grow your business.

Experience Personal Growth
Soulitude 7 places the focus not just on business success but on you as the individual leading it. We work to understand what success looks like to you and collaborate closely with you to achieve it.

Business Advice from Lisa-Marie Sikand

Lisa-Marie Sikand has 15 years of experience leading a large international marketing and business development team in the demanding professional services industry. She knows how to grow and develop individuals, teams, and businesses.

Following a series of life-changing events, she has decided to use her experience and expertise to help others focus on their business and personal growth.

Lisa-Marie is a fixer. She delivers actionable advice that will help you shape your business and achieve success.

A unique ability to combine commercial intelligence and practically with empathy and humanity.

Lisa James – The Wentworth Collective

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Choose expert business management advice from Soulitude 7 and watch your business grow.