Behind Soulitude 7 is an expert team. We call them the Fixers, the Healers and the Magic Makers. Each has their own unique way of connecting you with your true self.

Whether you want to focus on nutrition, find stillness in yoga or grow through coaching, Soulitude 7 can help.

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Wellness Coach, Lisa-Marie

Lisa-Marie is a coach, experienced at helping individuals find happiness and lead a more fulfilling life.

With a background spanning business management, the voluntary and professional services sector,ramses book including leading a large international marketing & business development team, she built a track record for coaching and mentoring individuals to achieve their own success.

Coupled with Lisa-Marie’s track record in coaching, strategy and business development, is her focus on complete wellbeing. Following her own personal wellbeing journey, Lisa-Marie now helps her clients build a comprehensive and holistic personal plan to fulfilment.

Lisa-Marie is a fixer. She will help you harness your own strength, prioritise your own needs and start living the life you deserve.


The benefits of eating nutritious food can’t be underestimated. Making dietary changes, when guided by a professional, can realign the balance within your body.

Learn more about how your own body responds to what you’re ingesting and find a way to move forward to a healthier and happier life.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice that can have a range of different impacts on your physical and emotional wellbeing. It involves using thin needles to trigger specific points on the body.

If you’re struggling with daily pain or looking for an alternative way to cope with stress and anxiety, then acupuncture treatment can be highly effective.


Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy. Practicing yoga is a wonderful way to begin moving your body and breathing in a way you may never have done before. Though you’ll find a calmer way, the asanas (postures) are designed to promote physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Meditation Guide

Meditation might just seem like a wonderful way to relax, however scientific evidence shows again and again how powerful the practice can be for grounding you in the moment.

Reconnect with yourself and start living your life with intention and purpose.


Sometimes you simply need to talk. Even if you’re surrounded by people who want to help, having an impartial professional to lend an ear can be invaluable.

We work with therapists trained to the highest levels, who specialise in a range of different areas. Start talking with Soulitude 7.

Spiritual life and business coach

Our spiritual life and business coach, Lisa, is no different to you, she has a desire for growth, freedom, balance and connection. Burnt out by corporate life, and repeating patterns, she followed her heart and trusted her inner guide to live a life she is passionate about – an authentic one which aligns with her true values.

Her intention is to guide and support you in your journey of embracing yourself to find your passion and true self, to attract abundance, love, joy and live a life that is aligned with your heart and soul. Lisa uses energy alignment methods, spiritual practices, meditation and card readings. She is loved by entrepreneurs and individuals, her bespoke methods unblock your stuck energy to put you onto a path of personal success.