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Find the balance between your personal and professional life. Start living intentionally supported by one-on-one coaching or mentoring.

You, realigned


Expert business management consultancy service focussed on strategy, growth and personal wellbeing.

You, refocussed.


Immersive workshops, coaching sessions and retreats, encouraging self-discovery, personal and professional development and complete wellbeing.

You, renewed.

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At Soulitude 7 we offer results-focused coaching and consultancy to individuals and businesses. Our bespoke fusion of practical support and wellness guidance is designed to both empower you and unlock your full potential.


You, realigned.

Connect one-on-one with an experienced business and wellbeing coach who will guide and support your personal growth. Set goals, start living with positive intent and transform your life to reach your true potential.


You, refocussed.

Allow us to demonstrate how strategic thinking and meticulous planning, teamed with a focus on your own personal wellbeing, will help you accelerate your professional development.


You, renewed.

Escape to a gathering, bespoke workshop or group retreat and work with a range of wellbeing experts. Slow down, realign your priorities and set a clear direction to reach your goals.


Your wellbeing impacts on every aspect of your life. Personal and professional. Physical and emotional. Spiritual and social.

Here at Soulitude 7 we offer personal and business coaching and consultancy, with a focus on results through simple transformative processes.

Through intentional living and harnessing your own innate wisdom, we collaborate with you to guide your life and business through a dynamic process of meaningful improvements.

You owe it to yourself to ‘own it’.


Soulitude 7 was founded by former global law firm Chief Marketing Officer, Lisa-Marie Sikand.

Following 15 years in the demanding professional services industry, leading and directing strategy, plus coaching and mentoring a diverse, international team, Lisa-Marie has an innate desire to support others in leading a gratifying life.

Renowned for her open and practical style, Lisa-Marie is results focussed. She provides business management and individual advice, consultancy and coaching. Lisa-Marie’s coaching accreditation is from an ICF accredited programme.

Coaching and consultancy

Choose from a range of courses and programs to suit your personal or business needs. A perfect way to kick-start your coaching and learn what you need to achieve your full potential in all aspects of life.

Personal Coaching

Book coaching sessions with a Soulitude 7 professional. Set an agenda and start living a fulfilling life.

Leadership coaching

Work with a former C-Suite professional to focus on developing your leadership competencies.

Business Consultancy

Feeling stuck? Let Soulitude 7 experts help you meet your commercial objectives through strategic planning, marketing and business development activities.

Personal Coaching + Business Consultancy

Working with you as an individual and focussing on your business plan is a truly powerful combination. Choose a combined program to achieve personal and professional success.